Coastal Inspirations:  Benjamin Franklin Silver Award Winner

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   This book is a collaboration of a father and daughter, thirty-three years apart, who make a yearly voyage to the Martha’s Vineyard sea shore—a time that has been a foundational family event. These trips have made the coast a place where time stops and our worries lighten. This sanctuary has provided our family a place where, despite how life’s choices have empowered us to grow independently, we come together to connect on a deeper level and create shared memories.

   This is where we call home.

   This is where we have felt inspired—our lives magnified and deepened until we have felt clarity of vision, emotion, and purpose.

   Coastal Inspirations is our opportunity to give you the same gifts the sea has given us.

   We have paired photographs and quotes designed to capture a single moment along life’s journey while presenting a sense of timelessness and universality. They are meant to prod memories, aspirations, and directions in life. The images are ones that elicit pause and reflection, conveying insight, initiating a conversation and inspiring action. Some of the pairings are clear and unambiguous. Others are elusive. All are intended to resonate with you on life’s pilgrimage.

   Our own journey in creating this book has helped transform our parent-child role into one of colleagues, sharing the work and challenging each other on a daily basis. We are using our new relationship and what we have learned from this book to align ourselves with living at the edge.

  We believe this collection of images and words creates a tapestry that will enrich your passage to discover what brings you alive.

   Turn these pages and open your heart to the journey within yourself.

Bon voyage, 

Marissa and Peter 

Update:  We are honored to announce that our book received  the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Silver Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA).  As we’ve learned, the Benjamin Franklin Awards are among the most respected book awards in the country. 

We wish to thank all of you who have supported our journey in a myriad of ways during this creative and inspirational offering.  Your comments and the personal stories told to us during book signings, talks, and art events between the East and West Coasts have been gratifying and humbling. They reinforce our initial intention to build a legacy that conveys a deeper meaning and creates a ripple effect throughout the world. 

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